Veggie Saying 7 designs Design Pack 1

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Adorable veggie sayings or just the veggie…

I have included a file with a knockdown stitch on all the designs behind the veggie shapes and on the designs with a saying you have another additional file that says with knockdown for if you are stitching on a thick pile.  There is intentional pattern fill stitches used to give an illusion of dimension to the veggies.

File that doesn’t say knockdown the first stitch is going to be a stabilizing shape for the veggies design and will be hidden under the veggie design.

File that does say knockdown the first stitch is the knockdown box and will be seen so color match to the towel/pile color of what your putting it on. The second stitch down will be the stabilizing shape for the veggie and will be hidden under the veggie.

There are 11 design files in this design pack including the knockdown stitch files.  There are a total of 7 unique designs as 4 are doubled with the knockdown technique.  ALL are sized for 4×4 frames.


The colors I used in these are consistent for all the designs.  I used:

Floriani Thread colors:








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