Made: Stitched on Cotton Postage Stamps

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This is for a 8×10 canvas frame with a Essential Worker Postage Stamp stitched on the canvas and put in the frame.  These are rustic frames with imperfections and are not stained.  You are welcome to stain the frames when you get it and remove the staples in the back to stain your frame and then reattach the canvas.   These are lovely to give as a gift.    (Shipping Domestic via priority mail is an additional $7.15 to be billed seperate)  These have apx 35K to 40K stitches in the designs.

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Awareness Ribbon, Transportation, Police, Military, Paramedic, Medical, Fire, Educator, Construction, Electrician, Landscaping, Service, Waste Collector, Childcare, Farmer, Lineman, Plumber, Post Office, Welder, Truck Driver, Nurse, Mason, Laborer, Delivery, Carpenter, Dressmaker, Mask Maker


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