State of Kansas Stamp and Map (5×7 and 6×10) 6 designs



State of Kansas, features an adorable design that can be stitched into a larger project, put on a bag, incorporated into a quilt, stitched on a shirt… practically anything can be done with these lovely designs.  This is a double design set that comes with and without knockdown.   These are only going to be released as single design listings so to collect them all you have to purchase them all.   The circles, intended to be like a stamp, are actually applique so you can incorporate different fabrics in those circles s on the 6×10 stamp.  The state outline on the 5×7 is an applique too if you choose on the state map and it comes with and without the stamp frame border around it.   

I used a very good quality cutaway on my stitch out, this is a dense design so stabilize well.

Map 5×7: 14K or 23K with knockdown

Stamp Map (no words) 5×7 with and without knockdown

Stamp 6×10 hoop (6×8.75): 32K or 50K with knockdown

There are a bunch of States releasing over July and August that will also have all proceeds go towards Will’s thank you for your purchase and supporting a teens vision for his quilt to travel the world.


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