Snow Globe Spider Boy

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Very cute snow globe character in a 5×7 frame and is just about 30,000 stitches.  Words can be omitted if  you want by skipping the color sequence when it comes time to stitch it out.   These can be customized to say anything, just request a custom modification.


Step 1 the globe outline stitches down so you can see where it will go if your trying to match background prints

Step 2 the character and inside globe items stitch, STOP machine at this point to put plastic down (sprinkle glitter at this point)

Step 3 is the outline of the globe to let you know to put the plastic down

Step 4 plastic gets tacked down, stop machine and trim

Step 5 satin stitches finish off stitching until design is complete.

Step 6 outline of the ornament for placement of reverse floating for backing, message me if you don’t know how to do this.

Step 7 outline of the ornament to tack together top and bottom

Step 8 satin outline runs securing both sides together

unhoop and trim.


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