Sahara Wildlife Reflection Pack (24 designs)

$36.00 $12.99


Such a treat this pack gives you lots of options…could be the making of a great quilt with the other animals in separate packs that are part of the Wildlife Reflection Series… You are getting all 6 sahara animals in this pack…. These also make beautiful towel set as there are 4×4 & 5×5 for different size towels if you choose.   You have with or without knockdown options too in the 4 design set per animal.   Stabilize an hoop well as density can cause shift and these have alot of stitchin to create the reflection illusion that you see

4×4 Momma and Baby = 17k stitches

5×5 Momma and Baby = 27K stitches

The Knockdown stitch file adds about 6-8K stitches for the knockdown to the totals above


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