Made: Safety Wraps Embroidered or Safety Patches

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The Safety Wraps will go around a 1.5 inch strap and can say various things from our 39 safety message collection.  These come with the type of alert word you want and the alert icon as shown.   Also we can do these in safety patches style that you sew onto something or glue onto something.   Unlimited color of fabric vinyl to choose from that we can make these on.     (Shipping is extra and will be billed separately)


(Custom is slightly higher due to the time involved and billed separately, shown is a custom message which would cost $15.00 if just adding words)



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Asthma, Asperger, Autism, Bee Sting, Blind, Dairy, Deaf, Deaf with Cochlear Implant, Dementia, Mute, Pacemaker, Peanut Allergy, Prosthetic's, Type I Diabetic, Allergy, Bariatric Patient, Blood Thinner, Cardiac, Pet, Celiac, Codeine, Epi Pin, Diabetic, Egg, Seizures, Epilepsy, Food, Emergency Info Inside, Insulin, Latex, NO MRI, Pacemaker, Penicillin, Sulfa, Tree Nut, Type II Diabetic, Wheat, Asthma Inhaler, Aspirin


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