Pandemic 2020 Time Capsule / Heirloom Quilt Blocks (42files)

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Pandemic Covid Quilt nlocks

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This is a once in a life time event, hopefully, and what better way to memorialize it than to stitch your very own lap quilt with 21 iconic images.  These are full satin stitching so you will want to ensure a heavier weight cotton and good cutaway is used to support all this stitching.  I suggest when in doubt use two pieces of cutaway since your stabilizing for the density.  This doesn’t stitch dense but there are alot of stitches so you could see some puckering if you don’t stabilize well with a quilters cotton.  I stitched on a quilters cotton with cutaway.   The design pack comes with 4×4 stand alone design or you can choose to do the ITH block which is 6.75×6.75.  There is a video on making the ITH quilt block on our YouTube channel as well.   Simply a wonderful design set and if you pair with solid blocks as you assemble your quilt this makes a very good lapsize quilt.

Designs are apx 10K to 15K


You are paying .45 a design by buying in the pack… which will always be the best value to go on this design set rather than paying 3.00 a design which is my normal single design price.


If you want to stitch these on a towel please remember to put a knockdown behind it and the knockdown pack can be found at:


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