No touch face mask template 1 hooping ITH file

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THis is a two design set… toddler to large adult.  The design .zip has directions as well as a YouTube video on how to make this on our YouTube channel.   This is a very quick embroidery pattern that you embroider together in minutes on the embroidery machine.  Stitch on a thick cutaway.  Your elastic is really dependent on your preference for fit, but you will want to test it out for your face/head….  THIS IS NOT A SAFETY MASK, this is a great way to protect your nose and mouth from touching when your out in public not realizing your touching your face.  This is not a virus protection mask it is just to limit you touching your bare skin with your hands.  There is a turning pocket in this so you can install velcro or snaps to put a filter mask inside if you desire.


Kids 5×7 hoop

Adult 6×10 hoop


Print the jpg to make as a paper direction?

Please do not charge for this product if you are making it from this design that is provided as a freebie… this is free to support those who want to donate the masks to those who need it.


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