Monogram Mug Rug Design Pack 26 letters 4×4 size

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This is a very nice Smooth Pattern Fill Monogram Mug Rug Design Pack.  COMPLETE ALPHABET mug rugs so this is great for craft fair folks or those who like to have quick stitch out gifts on hand.  This is for a 4×4 hoop and has basic applique steps.   First color is outline, second is the tack down, third and fourth are the stipple and letter/satin stitch then you will want to stop the machine and take your hoop out of the machine carefully and flip it over to tape on a piece of felt to the backside then return it to the machine hoop connection and then let the final box stitch out to close off the back side of the mug rug.

When your done you can simply cut with a pinking shear or strait blade and you have a very cute mug rug to give or enjoy.


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