Mini Candy Bar Saying Wraps Baby Pack 1 for 4×4 hoop; 13 designs

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Mini Candy Bar Saying Wraps Baby Pack 1 with 13 different designs

You are getting 13 different ITH wraps which stitch out in a 4×4 hoop.  The size is specifically made for the mini candy bars.  The stitch count is under 4k and takes about 5 minutes to stitch one.

ITH in 5 simple steps:

Step 1 outline

Step 2 tack down

Step 3 font stitches

Step 4 (float the felt backing under the hoop before this steps stitches) backing stitches down

Step 5 Trim ,Slit for Candy on backing, and put candy inside.



Larger bars wraps can be made for custom orders.


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