Martini Glass

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Adorable Martini saying.  You get two designs, one is just the glass and one is the knockdown with glass and words.  This has a new technique where you will need an iridescent or Mylar material that is sheer but see through.  You will also need clear thread.

Color 1 is knockdown for terry cloth, can be omitted if you are stitching on a flat item with no pile.

Color 2 is the Martini color

Color 3 is the clear thread for the poly outline of the Glass, once stitched put the sheer material down

Color 4 is the stitch down of the clear material

Color 5 is the clear stitch down over the sheer material (this is when you want to trim sheer material)

Color 6 is the satin stitching for the Glass detail

Color 7 is the lettering stitch down.



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