Makeup and Mothers Design Pack Bundle Sale

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Normally these 3 design packs were purchased separate it would be $36.00 but I am going to do a super bundle on these three design packs for $18.00 and you can even use the website coupon to save a little more 🙂

Mothers Day Sayings Pack: This is a great versitile Mothers Day pack of various design sayings that can be used on so many items you choose to stitch on.  Your getting the design with and without a knockdown so 14 design files.

With Knockdown / Withouth Knockdown
Mom – 6K/3K
Happy Mothers Day 15K/9K
Military Mom 14K/7K
Best Mom 14K/7K
Greatest Mom 14K/7K
Gross out free 18K/10k
Glad Moms 18K/9K
Makeup Washcloth Pack :
Makeup Washcloth Design 4×4 and 5×7 with and without knockdown and words 8 files total.  The design does not have a considerable amount of stitches but the knockdown adds about 4 to 6k stitches depending on the size your putting for the knockdown.  This pack comes with the eyebrows and eyes only, with words, and eyes with knockdown, eyes with words and knockdown in both sizes so this is a 8 design pack.
Makeup Zipper Bags:

Their is a instruction aid, step by step photos under the product photos, and a video on the Facebook Group to make these zipper pouches.   These are very quick stitch out designs and take 10 minutes or so stitch out.    Included in this pack is 3 different sizes; 4×4, 5×5, 5×7.You will want the zipper one inch larger than the pouch.  Their is a makeup design multi size pack as well to coordinate with.


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