Life is better in the woods and Hunting is my favorite season 4×3 and 5×4 with knockdown too

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These are adorable designs that come with a knockdown to make a truly wonderful rich look on your thick towels. total of 4 designs

Hunting is my favorite season has a little bouncing around on the details but a few snips of scissors and all is good for trimming the jumps  5×4 is 26K stitches and 4×3 is 19K stitches.  You can choose to not stitch color 1 which is the knockdown and just go onto the design and remove about 9K stitches.

Life is better in the woods has a very cute backpack design for the outdoor enthusiast and the 5×4 is 19K stitches and the 4×3 is 13K stitches.  You can remove apx 9K stitches by not stitching the first color which is the knockdown.


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