July Learning/Match Toy

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These are great toys for learning color match and shape associations.   Make one for each month and put together in a binder that I show you how to make on the Facebook Group for Green Roof Farms DIY.    These toys are done totally in the hoop (ITH) and this design comes in a 4×4, 5×7, 6×10, and 7×11 size hoop.


Easy Directions:  Video on the Facebook Group if you search “learning wheels”

Color 1 is a placement line

Color 2 is the tack down line for your felt

Color 3 -? is the design and satin stitching

STOP machine before the last color sequences which is another outline and reverse float the felt under the hoop to allow the final color sequence to tack the back to the top covering all the stitching.


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