ITH Tooth Fairy Pillow Pouch Boy

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This was designed for ITH 200×260 or 300×200 hoop size.  It is a 7.8×7.8 design so if you have a 8×8 frame it will work too.


This is designed as basic applique steps with embroidery.


Step 1 is the stitch outline for the pillow front.

Step 2 you lay your pillow front fabric face up over the square and let the step 2 stitch.  Remember to trim the box outline fabric but leave about 1/2 inch since it will be turned out and you need fabric for seam stability.

Step 3 is the stitch outline for the tooth.

Step 4 lay a piece of felt on the tooth outline and let step 4 stitch out. remember to trim the felt outline to the step 3 tooth outline.

Step 5 – 8 Eyebrows, Mouth, Eyes stitch out

Step 9 the Tooth Fairy Pillow stitch out

Step 10 is the satin stitch around tooth

Step 11 is the final step… place another sheet of fabric with like sides together (face to face) and let stitch out.

Step 12 remove from hoop, flip inside out, and stuff with your choosing of material and hand stitch close.


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