Inspirational Decor Box Sayings 4×4 9 design pack plus knockdown

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These are very adorable inspirational box decor designs that you would traditionally see on the shelf at a boutique store for sale.  These are perfect to stitch out on a towel, apron, mug rug, place-mat or just about anything.  There are 4 colors to choose from on this block with shading detail around the edges and then the backdrop for the words and the words.  Stabilize with cutaway and if stitching on very thin material consider two layers of cutaway due to the density of the design.  If you notice your letters sinking into the backdrop behind the words look at maybe using a water soluble stabilizer under the words but above the backdrop.

If you are stitching on pile it is best to knockdown the pile before stitching this design, this increase’s density so slow your machine down as best as possible.   There is a looser pattern motif 4×4 knockdown included.

Microfont, weight 60 works really good on this small lettering.

Designs range from 18k to 20k stitches in these cute little inspirational block designs.  Just want the words, buy the inspirational words design pack which is listed separate.


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