Hawaii and South Carolina Sketch 2×2 with 4×4 Emotion Doll “Anxious” July 31st 2020


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Three Colors State design

Inner Fill has a color wave which allows you to stitch two colors that can correlate with sport team colors and the outter satin stitch is another color.

This design comes in at about 2K stitches in apx 2×2 space


Anxious 4×4 size Emotion Stuffed ITH toy.

Super simple however turning the small stuffy you want to use a turning stick and then stuff and handstitch close.   Simply stitch the front fabric right side of fabric facing up and then before the final outline put another piece of fabric down, the backing should be right sides together as your sewing this inside out.  You will finish, trim, flip inside out, stuff, and handstitch close the turning hole.  If you want the larger emotion dolls they are a separate purchase and just search Emotion Doll under shop.greenrooffarmsdiy.com


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