Grandma/Grandpa/Uncle/Aunt ITH Bib 40 Designs BUNDLE

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This is the perfect design pack for the new baby/child to show off being an Grandma/Grandpa/Aunt/Uncle.  YOU ARE GETTING ALL FOUR PACKS IN THIS BUNDLE, that is 80 ITH pattern designs

apx 15K-18k for each design.

These are all embedded in a ITH bib which is a very straightforward design to stitch in the hoop and need a 200×300 size hoop or larger.

First color is the outline to show where the fabric is laid. The second color is the tack down which tacks down the fabric for the bib, make sure it is faced up.  Third color is the kam snap placement for afterwards when you finish your bib off.  Fourth color is the box outline which shows where to put the fabric for the box.  Fifth color is the tack down and you will be TRIMMING the fabric at this point for the box then the satin and rest of the design stitches out.  STOP YOUR MACHINE at the last color before it stitches out so you can put another piece of fabric (this will be the backside fabric) face down on the front that you just stitched out and then the final color stitches out attaching the two together.   You will want to remove from the hoop and then with the small turning hole pull the fabric through and then press flat and top stitch or hand stitch the hole closed.


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