Fire EMS No touch face mask template and directions

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The design fits most adults to children.  If you need smaller just increase the 1/4 seam allowance to 1/2 or 3/4 of an inch… till you get the size you like.  This embroidery file takes the contour mask template and has the design embedded in it or for those of you without a larger hoop you get the design as a standalone.   This is a very quick embroidery template pattern that you sew together in the embroidery machine with some finishing steps in your sewing machine or by hand.  With regards to your straps you will want to make with out straps to determine how long you want for straps when you make this ITH as the pattern stitches both front and back together on the third hooping. You can omit the third hooping and attach front to back on your sewing machine and just use this as a one hooping for the outter portion to get your embedded social distancing design on your mask easily.  This is a great scrap fabric buster and a great way to protect your nose and mouth from touching when your out in public not realizing your touching your face.  This is not a virus protection mask it is just to limit you touching your bare skin with your hands.


4×4 is the design only 6100 stitches

5×7 is one side of the mask with the design embedded 6300 stitches (you flip it over and cut the other side out and repeat for the lining)

200×300 hoop (6×104) is both sides in the hooping you cut out and then use to make your lining pieces as a template and then stitch together.

Also there is a printable version of this mask template in this download too that you can cut your mask out from once your done embroidering if you have a 4×4.

So much fun!



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