Duck Duck Duck 10-design-Pack

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Duck, Duck, Duck… Meow, Woof, Blah… who needs something cute for someone to make them giggle.    These designs come with and without knockdown.   There are a total of 10 designs in this pack. This is a cute duck pack which comes with the stand alone duck, duck saying woof, duck saying meow, duck saying blah, and one with them all together in a 5×5 size.  All designs come with knockdown as well.

4×4 duck and saying is 1100 stitches and the three ducks with saying in the 5×5 is 2900 stitches.  Adding the knockdown increases the stitch count significantly to 9900 stitches on the 5×5.



*bonus home school 18 design pack included for limited time…


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