Doggie Quilt Block Set 1 – 4×4 hoop

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January has gone to the dogs and is all about dogs…. and kicking off the fun dog blocks is a four 4-block pack I call Doggie Quilt Block Set 1. In this set you will learn basic quilt block framing in the hoop and piecing in the hoop. There are also some fill designs that one has the illusion of being quilt blocked but it is solid stitching. These are truly unique and wonderful blocks for collecting all year long. There are 9 more dog blocks coming out over the next few weeks to close out the Dog blocks for January so be on the look out for Doggie Set 2, Doggie Set 3, and Doggie Set 4. Once done you will have 12 4×4 blocks to assemble into a larger block or leave standalone and put in a quilt, wall hanging or whatever. These are just fun and I will schedule a sew-a-long for early next week to show how to assemble these however there is a direction sheet inside the .zip.






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