Dinner Choices Towel Topper 6×10 hoop



These are truly wonderful towel toppers and so easy to switch out, so no washing the whole thing, simply just unfasten the towel from the topper and wash the towel only.   There is lite sewing on this design to affix the hook and loop to the cotton fabric prior to the ITH steps but takes less than a minute.   One towel does two toppers too with the directions that come with this design.  This is made in a 6×10 hoop.

It doesn’t get any better than this.   There are so many design possibilities so please contact me if you have a favorite GRFDIY design you want to put in this topper and I will make it into a topper and list it.   Please do not modify my design template to put another design in it or copy my design template.


Exclusive Design by Green Roof Farms DIY.    Watch the video on February 21st for how to construct this but the design comes with step by step photos and directions.  This is a copy-written topper with removable towel design GRFDIY made for removable towels in the towel topper.


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