Decorative Plague Mask ITH (6×10)

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This is a fun project which has several hoopings to create this decorative plague mask.  The style is steam punk with satin rivets to give it more character.   The total stitch count of all files comes in just around 30K stitches.  This design does require completion with a sewing machine or a hot glue gun. You will be following the YouTube video on   (There is an applique flourish which you can use as embellishment on the headpiece if you choose, its applique so trim before the satin stitching.)  The key is to go slow… top stitching is a must to achieve the look or very precise hot gluing.  You want to make sure no glue leaks out from under.   This is a very fun project and a great way to spend time home with kiddos.


Materials Needed:

Tear Away Stabilizer



Glue Gun

Glue Stick

Parchment Paper


Embroidery and Sewing Machine


There are 5 files to make this design.  This is a steampunk style with satin rivets.  You will be following the YouTube video on


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