Days of the Week with Knockdown and without

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Days of the Week design with and without knockdown

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Very Cute Embroidery Files for Kitchen Towels or kitchen sink towels so you know how long that towel has been hanging around. These are designs for each day of the week. All designs are 2 colors so quick stitch out. There is a decorative knockdown stitch that can be removed if you are not stitching on something with a heavy pile. This will dramatically cut the stitching time and stitch count down if you remove the knockdown stitch.  Fits 4×4 hoop

All designs are between 10,000 and 11,000 stitches with the knock down. The font is a bridal font to make it fancy.

Can be converted to any other file format if you have something other than PES.  Just PM me or email me and request the format you need except for .art.  I cannot make .art


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