Cross Earrings for 4×4 hoop

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These are just too cute for words and stitch out in 2 colors with 13K stitches in a 4×4 hoop.  I like the light weight feel of them on the ears.

These are delicate so soak the Water Soluble Stabilizer off, do not wash and scrub or you will destroy them.  I like to soak so some of the glue from the WSS stays inside the cross to make it a bit sturdy when it is washed off.   I use my little jewelry rings and earring piece to assemble into a earring but these could be perfect for ornaments too I suppose or to hang on the necklace.


This is paired with the faith family and fall towel design which is for purchase as well on the site, just search faith or look in the thanksgiving/autumn folder under 4×4.


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