Color Play Wheel 4 sizes included



These are adorable play learning wheels.  This adorable toy can be stitched on felt or polar fleece. There are several ways to use this pattern; satin edge with reverse applique so no edges are seen or let the design stitch out and use pinking sheers or other decorative trimming techniques to make cute edges.   You can omit the final satin outline stitch to save on stitches and just let the bean/run stitch close up your back piece of felt/fleece.

  • 5×7
  • 6×10.25
  • 200×300
  • 200×360

Stitch 1 is the outline to show you where to put your fabric

Stitch 2 is the tack down stitch (stop machine and trim if you want the edges hidden under the satin finishing stitch at the end)

Stitch 3+ are the design stitches

Stop machine before the second to last stitch (outline)

Second to last is an outline stitch which at this point you will want to have another piece of felt under the hoop to close off the backside of the play wheel so the strings are not seen from the stitching of the design.

(Optional Stop machine and applique trim under neath by flipping your hoop over, if you want the edges under the satin hidden. )

Last is the satin outline that


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