Collector Thumb Drive and more… Halloween Theme Digital Download Bundle *LARGE BUNDLE* plus more

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The last ones and when they are sold out they are sold out!

100% of the profits go to the Pandemic Quilt to travel the USA on this thumb drive, to pay that credit card bill William racked up…  Williams Fundraising Event for August/September 2020: Really a great value for a design bundle and a collector thumb drive an knowing your supporting the pandemic quilt tour.  These are the last of the collector edition thumb drives for 2020 and when they are gone, they don’t get remade.   The next year collector thumb drive will be 2021 so get one before they are gone!

You are getting an 8gig thumb drive along with a bunch of instant download designs and another bonus….. we are including a very nice Made in Acme wrist wallet and some fat sixteenths to surprise you with some fabric to begin making your scrap block or other projects… please choose shipping. International shipping is billed separately once calculated.

NO REFUNDS since you are getting the designs right now as instant download and please select shipping.

You are getting instantly 32+ design folders .zip and some even have several sizes in them 🙂  as an instant download This is primarily a Halloween Theme pack for October and you are getting these at a lower price as they are bundled into one package for added value.  I am also throwing in the Hops Entire Font Monogram Pack, thermometer ITH pack, and the A#ole explicit saying, and other design packs that recently released for some fun holiday gift ideas you can think up beyond Halloween.  This is a mostly 4×4 design bundle to put on nearly anything you desire.   Some designs come in multi size as mentioned below.

Help with Dishes Design Pack

4×4 Emotion Dolls

ITH Angle Strip Scrap Blocks

5×7 & 6×10 Emotion Dolls

Covid Saying Pack

ITH Mini-Candy Wraps (simply stitch the design and just before the final outline stitches you stop the machine and tape felt under your hoop to allow top and bottom to be completely sewn and then you slit the back felt to push the candy in or use them as a bookmark.

Boo Applique 4700 Stitches

Boo Crew 8400 Stitches

Candycorn 10900

Candy for Wine 11200 however their is a clear plastic applique sequence if you choose on the wine glass

Cant Scare Teacher 10200

Drink up Witches 9800

(3) multi size Girl Witches 6200

Halloween Please 11400

(3) multi size Hocus Pocus

Horned Witchacorn 10700

Perfectly Wicked 7900

Pick Poison 10200 however their is a clear plastic applique sequence if you choose on the wine glass

Pumpkin Spice 12300

(3) multi size Smell Children 9300

(3) multi size Squad Goals 9600

(3) multi size Spell on you 9800

Sweet Spooky 8700

Trade Brother 12000

Trade Sister 12000

Tri-Fold Key Chain (2) sizes 6200

Witch Candy 9200

Witch Hair dont Care 10200

Witch Resting Face 9700

Witch Wine 13800



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