Candice Script Font Pack over 300 files

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I took my script handwriting and made a huge font pack…. it has 1, 2, 3, and 4 inch Bean Stitch (over 300 unique design files) for a warm style letter stitch out…. and I even did the numbers and special characters. This font pack which took forever showcases my handwriting, perfectly imperfect, and where I was frustrated by this project I loved it too since now I can stitch cute things with my own handwriting when I want a very simple monogram.  Sometimes a baby onesie or a bib or something else delicate needs a delicate bean stitch and their are very few script ones out there so I am excited to use this on more linens and other delicate projects or projects I dont want to break the stitch bank on.

You will see their are files that are named _4, _3, _2, _1  and they are to correlate to their matching upper and lower case but you might choose to mix and match depending on the size your trying to achieve on each letter.

_4 is apx 3.75 tall

_3 is apx 3 tall

_2 is apx 2.25 tall

_1 is apx 1.75 tall

Some have _alt1 and are closer to 1.25 tall.


Starts and stops of the letters may have jumps if your machine doesnt trim and jumps can occur when you merge letters.


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