Bonnet Girl Vintage Inspired Design Set 16 design files total

$36.00 $9.99


You are getting 5×7 and 6×10 hoop size designs and both sizes come with a knockdown file as well that is a contour knockdown if you decide to stitch this on something fluffy making your 16 file types.  This is 4 designs that come to you 4 ways.   This is a very fun design set with several applique steps.   The 5×7 design without knockdown is 14K and the 6×10 without knockdown is 17k.  The knockdown adds more stitches if you choose to stitch with a knockdown.

First outline is your placement stitch. You put your fabric face up on the outline stitch

The second outline is the tackdown stitch.  You cut/trim the fabric face up at the stitch line

The third is a blanket stitch that goes around the applique piece.

You repeat this through the entire design to create the illusion of different pieces sewn together on this darling pattern.  Their are 4 unique styles of Bonnet Girl in this pack and pairs nicely with the Hat Boy.


This is a vintage look so their are some loose frey strings when you trim and the blanket stitch goes down… I wash and dry fabrics before I do applique like this and then once done I like to wash and dry again then trim the extra threads after pressing.


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