Baby Sleeping 5×7 Sign

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This is a very cute sign best stitched on felt.  You will be reverse floating the felt on the back of the hoop before the last outline stitches after the words so make sure you stop your machine at that point or you can always sew it on with the sewing machine.  This design is just around 13K stitches.

(Want a different sign, I make these custom on request starting at 6.00 a sign design custom)

Stitch color 1 is outline, lay your felt on it, if your not hooping your felt.

Stitch color 2 is tack down of the felt

Stitch color 3 is the words

Stitch color 4 is the words

Stitch color 5 is the step you need to have your felt tapped to the back of the hoop before stitching out to bring back and front together in the sign so you cover your stitching up and give more strength to the sign.


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