Baby First 46 Design Collection 4×4 hoop

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46 Baby First Designs, Yes that is right…. 46 designs of popular baby firsts only $23.00.  This means only just about .50 cents each with buying at one time.  That is 75% off the cost of the design if bought in a single.

The theme of the bibs is consistent through the set.  Think forward you have an entire year of baby firsts that can be cut out into squares for a quilted blanket once the baby has worn them to make a truly cherished keepsake.

There is an opportunity to have 4 different colors in the design so you can coordinate with your applique fabric.  The design is apx 4,000 stitches to 6,0oo stitches depending on how many words are in the baby first saying.   This has standard applique as the first step.  Remember to put your stops in if you have a multi needle.  These are sized for a 4×4 hoop.  Don’t want to do applique just let it stitch out and the number 1 is satin finished.

(Coordinate the interior fabric of the “1” with the theme of the design and you make a truly wonderful coordinated design!)


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