Autumn Globe

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This is a very cute Autumn Globe.  It has a baste box that stitches down first to hold you material to your stabilizer to avoid shift.   The leaves are dense so using a good stabilizer will help.   Remove the wss if you use it before applique.  There is a applique towards the end for putting in the plastic globe, you can omit (as I did) or stitch it out.   First step of applique is a outline showing where to put your vinyl and second step of the applique is a tack down, this is when you want to trim.

18K stitches and 7 colors

*Option is to set a white fabric or color of your choice first to stitch your design on and when you get to the applique outline tack down you can trim before putting on your clear vinyl or netting.

I used a wss on this as you can see in the photo but I omitted the baste stitch and had slight shift


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