Baby Airplane Sign Pack 19 signs for a 5×7 hoop, ITH

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This is a very fun ITH (in the hoop) project to make for the parents to be.  This set takes you from birth all the way to third birthday so you can have cute coordinated themed photos and signs for the little one.  These are best stitched on felt or cutaway fused cotton.  In the photo is felt and pinking shears are used to make the edges jagged.  These are very quick stitch out and the steps are fairly simple with

Color 1 is your outline to show where to put your felt

Color 2 is the tack down

Color 3-5 are the design elements

Stop machine before Color 6 so you can reverse float a piece of felt under the hoop to allow the color 6 and 7 to stitch the two pieces together.

Remove from the hoop and trim edges.


This coordinates with the airplane birth block and the airplane growth chart



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