Adult Beverage Design Pack

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Adorable beverage sayings or just the beverage and no saying…  You get two designs for each style, one is just the Beverage and one is the knockdown with beverage and words.  This has a new technique where you will need an iridescent or Mylar material that is sheer but see through.  You will also need clear thread.

There are 7 design files in this design pack that include a file with just the beverage and no words and beverage with words and a knockdown stitch.  ALL are sized for 4×4 frames.

These are mostly set for pattern stitch and use similar fonts to be a set.   Design sizes range from 8k to 11k, exception of the use if knockdown file.

If you are stitching these down on a terry towel with a pile there is also a knock down stitch file that is a 4×4 that you can choose so you can knock your pile down and I suggest you also use a water soluble stabilizer on the top.

I used mylar as the applique on top of the drink satin stitch and a clear thread when it is stitched down.

Color 1 is knockdown for terry cloth, can be omitted if you are stitching on a flat item with no pile.

Color 2 is the beverage color

Color 3 is the clear thread for the poly outline of the Glass, once stitched put the sheer material down.  Omit this if not doing the applique sheer.

Color 4 is the stitch down of the clear material. Omit this step if not using a sheer applique.

Color 5 is the clear stitch down over the sheer material (this is when you want to trim sheer material).  Omit this step if not using a sheer applique

Color 6 is the satin stitching for the Glass detail

Color 7 is the lettering stitch down.


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