5×7 hoop split (5×5.5) Complete Alphabet with Knockdown

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ONLY .75 each  in the pack…. You are getting all 26 letters set for a 5×7 hoop.  Some will be wider than taller or taller than wider so keep that in mind.  Example a J is long and skinny and the rest of the alphabet is pretty much as wide as high to not distort the letter.   There is a 6×6  hoop size knockdown file included in the zip.   The file size is about 9K on the letter and 9k on the knockdown.  The knockdown holds the terry pile down to let the embroidery design just pop.

You put the knockdown first then the monogram on top.

I suggest the 6×6  knockdown be used for the 5×5.5 split design but if you want a smaller box you can choose the 5×5 that is also included

Sign, Bath Towel, and Hand Towel set…. There is a complete 8×8, 5×7, and 4×4 set which is priced buy 2 sets get the 3rd free, look for it under Complete Fancy Monogram Set in the collection folder or you can purchase the 4×4 hoop size Fancy Monogram Complete Alphabet with Knockdown if you want something just slightly larger.   In the towel set I posted it is a 5×5 on the bath towel and a 4×4 on the hand towel however I think if you are wanting to match with a framed embroidered sign for the bathroom the 8×8 would look amazing.


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