50 States Sketched with Connecting Hearts, total of 53 design files

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You are getting 50 states that are apx 2 inch in diameter… they range from 1600 stitches to 2200 stitches depending on the state.   You would load each state individually and add the next state followed by the file for connecting hearts… if you are wanting to recreate the type of design you see in the picture for this listing, I merged 3 files into one hooping.  You are also getting a couple connected hearts for you to merge into your hoop after you add your states if you are trying to connect two states together.  There is a video on our YouTube for this design set if you are wanting to watch it stitch.   The inner portion of the state is a two color sketch wave so you can color coordinate to your teams favorite colors if you like and are going for a collegiate look.


If you want to stitch on a towel I suggest the knockdown pack to find a neat size/shape you would like to stitch first before the design and if you are not familiar with a knockdown it allows the pile to be held down by thread so it will allow your embroidery to last through washes much better than WSS. 


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