39 Different Messages Strap Message Wraps (1.5″ to 2″ strap)

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These are very quick to embroider Strap Message Wraps that fit a 1.5″ to 2″ wide strap depending on how you place the kam snaps at the end.   This design set comes with 39 different sayings and directions on how to put the project together.   This is sized for a 5×7 hoop.


39 different wrap sayings in this pack!


Please do NOT alter my design to fit your needs, If you need special wording please reach out to me and I can make you a design. .  These straps can be wrapped on any item that it fits around however if you are using kam snaps realize you must have the extra long one and kam snaps should not be used with children without supervision, you can sew hook and loop on instead…   Please use judgement when placing straps to ensure it does not affect the functioning safety of the item you are placing it on.  So you use hook and loop or fastener of your choice when making your wrap and put the wrap on after. It is the adults responsibility to put the wrap on items in a safe manner. Personally I put on once the child is in their seat and remove prior to un-belting. Just as the patches are on items the child wears and go with the child like my son is modeling or I would wear on my purse. The parent or adult needs to be the responsible person to determine if a child should wear one and how their child should wear their patch or wrap.


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