14 Mask Sized Designs Pack (4×4 hoop)

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These are a collection of very cute mask designs you would put on your mask or other items that you choose.  They are all sized apx 3.25 tall and up to 3.25 wide.  This makes it perfect for pretty much any mask you choose to stitch these onto the fabric for.   This goes especially nice with the ITH mask templates by Green Roof Farms DIY.

  • Keep calm and wear a mask 3in
  • Keep calm and wear a mask 4in
  • This is my compliance mask with mouth
  • Cover your germ maker with mouth
  • Living the best quarantine life 2020
  • Mask Check Mark
  • Evel Green Face Cat
  • No Covid
  • This is me smiling and upside down would be this is me frowning
  • Social Distance
  • Because Spit Happens
  • Social Distance Sucks
  • Wear a Mask with a mouth
  • Whats Under Your Mask

*Glasses Mask Template/Pattern is purchased separate


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