12 Months of the Year

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Monthly Designs


Very Cute Embroidery Files for Kitchen Towels. These are designs for each month of the year. All designs are 6 colors or less so quick stitch out. There is a decorative knockdown stitch that can be removed if you are not stitching on something with a heavy pile. This will dramatically cut the sitching time and stitch count down if you remove the knockdown stitch.

These designs are mainly from clip art that has been digitized.

January 24111 stitches
February 15487 stitches
March 17275 stitches
April 20343 stitches
May 12,176 stitches
June 19883 stitches
July 14877 stitches
August 19051 stitches
September 17676 stitches
October 14344 stitches
November 17129 stitches
December 21349 stitches

Can be converted to any other file format if you have something other than PES.

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Monthly Designs

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December


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